Unser Weinkeller befindet sich im Herzen des malerischen Dorfes Peissy, gleich gegenüber dem legendären Glockenturm einer tausendjährigen Kapelle.


Entdecken Sie unser gesamtes Sortiment in einem gemütlichen und authentischen Ambiente. Sämtliche Weine können vor Ort verkostet und gekauft werden. Informationen zu Gruppenverkostungen ab vier Personen finden Sie im nächsten Abschnitt.

Der Keller ist von Montag bis Samstag geöffnet. Es stehen Parkplätze für unsere Gäste zur Verfügung.



Montag – Freitag
09.00 – 12.00 Uhr / 14.00 – 18.00 Uhr
9.00 – 12.00 Uhr / 14.00 – 17.00 Uhr





Verkosten Sie unsere Weine




Gerne bieten wir Verkostungen für Gruppen ab vier Personen an, bei denen ein Mitarbeiter für Fragen zur Verfügung steht und Sie durch unsere Auswahl führt.

Eine Verkostung besteht aus einer Auswahl von 8 unserer Weine, die wahlweise mit Käse und Fleischplatte(n) begleitet werden können.


Verkostung: CHF 20.- / Person

Aufschnitt- und Käseteller (optional): CHF 7.- / Person


Französisch | Englisch | Spanisch

Bei Sonderwünschen senden Sie uns bitte eine E-Mail an [email protected]

Buchen Sie Ihre Verkostung.


Kalender wird geladen...


Das Team von Les Perrières veranstaltet das ganze Jahr über eine Reihe von thematischen Veranstaltungen.


14 FEBRUARY 2019
Valentine's Day
Valentine’s Day

  14 FEBRUARY  • 2019

Love is in the air and we all know fine wine complements the feeling as it should.

Join us for a tasting and you may just find yourself walking out with a rose and your stomach full of chocolates.

9 MARCH 2019
Great wine auction
Great wine auction

9 MARCH • 2019

Sale of oaked wines originating from the six wine producers of the village of Peissy.

Together they form the Cercle des Vignerons de Peissy which hosts two events each year.

The great wine sale is the first and unites wine lovers and professionals seeking to enrich their cellars with a unique wine made assembling the best each winemaker has to offer. The event is open to all who are interested. Reservation required.

4 MAY 2019
Pré-Caves Ouvertes
Pre-Caves Ouvertes

4 MAY • 2019

The pre-open day is an invitation event reserved for Les Perrières clients. This year we will be celebrating our 225 years of existance together with a food pairing course and tractor tours in the vineyards. If you are not on our mailing list, it’s not too late to call and sign-up! You will receive your invitation for this event by mail.

25 MAY 2019
Caves Ouvertes
Caves Ouvertes

25 MAY • 2019

This year’s cantonal open day will be themed with our 225 year anniversary.

Come alone, with family or with friends to discover the 2018 vintage which promises to be rich and delicious.

13 JUNE 2019
Summer trend
Summer trend

  13 JUNE • 2019

This year’s summer event will feature live music, apéro platters and tasty aromatic summer wines.

The event is open for reservation to all and will take place on our magnificent terrace and garden.

What a great way to start the summer.

17 AUGUST 2019
Treasure hunt in the vineyards
Treasure hunt in the vineyards

17 AUGUST • 2019

Will you be able to resolve the Les Perrières enigma?

Form a team and join us for a scenic course through the vineyards while trying to decipher the secret code. You will meet friends but also mischievous animals along the way! There’s no better way to spend a saturday than out in our gorgeous country side.

Please reserve to ensure smooth departures throughout the day.

Cabaret night
Cabaret night

19 SEPTEMBER • 2019

Extravagant decor, photo booth and dancefloor – join us for a night of fun and entertainment!

You bring your friends and we’ll take care of the wine.

Saint-Martin of Peissy
Saint-Martin of Peissy

9 NOVEMBER • 2019

The Saint-Martin de Peissy is a family oriented open day. Various food offerings and entertainment will be available and each of the village’s six wineries will be open for tastings. Come and discover what Peissy has to offer just 15 minutes from the city.

30 NOVEMBER 2019
Epicurean gathering
Epicurean gathering

30 NOVEMBER • 2019

Fine products, wines and good vibes – join us on this festive Saturday for an early Christmas.

Be the first of your friends to stock up on all the tasty Christmas foods we love so much.

19 APRIL 2018
Soirée apéro cocktails
Soirée apéro cocktails

19 APRIL • 2018

5 MAY 2018
Pre - Open cellars - Food and wine pairing, vineyard tours
Pre-open cellars – Food and wine pairing, vineyard tours

5 MAY • 2018

26 MAY 2018
Open cellar : Les Perrières offer
Open cave – Les Perrieres offer

  26 MAY • 2018

14 JUNE 2018
Apéro rosé evening – Live music and rosé wines in all their variations
Apéro rosé evening – Live music and rosé wines in all their variations

14 JUNE  • 2018

Opening of the fun course in the vineyards
Opening of the fun course in the vineyards

 JULY – AUGUST • 2018

Ladies apéro evening – reserved to women only
Ladies apéro evening – Reserved to women only

20 SEPTEMBER • 2018

10 NOVEMBER 2018
Saint-Martin de Peissy Feast– vilage celebration, 26th edition
 Saint-Martin de Peissy Feast – vilage celebration, 26th edition

10 NOVEMBER • 2018

Oysters and tasting day

1 DECEMBER • 2018

Oysters and tasting day