Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée Geneva

14.90 CHF

Description :

Sweet sparkling wine

Origin: AOC Geneva

Altitude: 400-500 m

Terroir: Molasse (a soft, crumbly sandstone), clay

Variety: Muscat blanc à petit grains

Pruning method: Guyot

Yield per hectare: 70 hl/hectare

Vinification: Muscat grapes with low temperature partial fermentation in order to keep natural sugars. Fine bubbling in closed pressurized tanks.

Alcohol: 7.8% ABV

Aspect : Light and brilliant colour

Nose: High, intense aromatic strength. Elderflower, redcurrant, and honey.

Mouth: Fine bubbles, delicate fruits

Gastronomy: Aperitifs or accompanying desserts

Consumption: From today

Température de service : 8-9°C

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